Racekpak V-Net Ride Height Module

V-Net Ride Height Module (p/n 220-VM-RHBXX)

Infrared sensors are used to monitor the distance to an object, relative to the sensor, when contact cannot be made with the object. This makes them ideal for use in setting up the suspension by monitoring chassis ride height in relation to the moving ground plane. These sensors are designed for use in measuring distances ranging from 3.93 to 15.75 inches. This V-Net module connects the Infrared Ride Height sensor to any V-series recorder.

Left Front - PN: 220-VM-RHBLF
Right Front - PN: 220-VM-RHBRF
Left Rear - PN: 220-VM-RHB-LR
Right Rear - PN: 220-VM-RHBRR

  • Item #: 220-VM-RHBXX
  • Manufacturer: Racepak

Racekpak V-Net Ride Height Module

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