Racepak Smartwire Keypad w/ Keypad Switch Bus

Smartwire Keypad & Keypad Switch Bus (p/n 500-KT-KPAD8)

Designed specifically for use with the Racepak SmartWire, the Keypad allows user input for eight functions. Its clean look and soft-touch buttons blend with any interior and provides a clean, finished appearance. 56 OEM-styled button decals are included for most road or race functions. The Keypad is connected via the Keypad Switch Bus to the SmartWire housing. Adding additional Keypads is quick and easy, through the use of a short jumper cable between the Switch Buses.

Applications: All Motorsports

SmartWire keypad
Keypad decal sheet

4.125” Long x 2.5” Wide x 1.5” Tall (10.48cm x 6.35cm x 3.81cm)

.25 lb. (453.59 g)


  • Item #: 500-KT-KPAD8
  • Manufacturer: Racepak

Racepak Smartwire Keypad w/ Keypad Switch Bus

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