Racepak Sportsman Data Logger Kit

Racepak Sportsman Data Logger Kit

Racepak's Sportsman Data Recorder is designed to meet all of the needs of the sportsman racer, including their budget.

The Sportsman Series incorporates the same V-Net technology used by the professionals, but in an economically-priced package. In its base configuration, you can record and download engine rpm, battery voltage, acceleration G's and lateral G's.

After a pass, simply pull the SD memory card out, and open the information on your PC using Racepak's DataLink software. No cables are required.

In its base configuration, this compact recorder can provide data logging for up to six V-Net channels. Through the additional purchase of our new 2 or 4-channel upgrade packages, the Sportsman can be modified to record a maximum of 18 V-Net channels.

No driveshaft collar is included, please select driveshaft collar size and type if you wish to add one.



  • Item #: 610-KT-SPRTMN
  • Manufacturer: Racepak

Racepak Sportsman Data Logger Kit

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